Crateful Catering brings together award-winning food, unmatched creativity, and the sophistication of Italian-inspired dishes to each menu we create. No event is too big or too small, and we put our focus into fresh ingredients and inventive recipes for events of any size. When you partner with Crateful, you are working with a team that takes pride in originality and the pursuit of perfection. Cater with Crateful today and let us bring our craft to you.


Executive Chef Luciano Pellegrini is one of America’s best chefs, with a James Beard Award and a Best Chef in the Southwest Award to his credit. After serving as an Executive Chef in top restaurants such as Valentino in Las Vegas, Pellegrini now brings his knowledge, skill, and passion to Crateful. His goal: to create surprising, delicious, and beautiful food for our clients. In keeping with the spirit of true Italian hospitality, Pellegrini will make every guest feel as though they are a guest in his own home kitchen.


There is a reason Italy has one of the healthiest populations in the world: delicious recipes and fresh ingredients are cornerstones of any Italian diet. Crateful Founders Andre Marotti and Emanuele Ponzo both hail from Italy and proudly bring this philosophy of their home country to every dish crafted at Crateful. Our passionate founders are on a mission to change the way Americans approach food while bringing Italian taste, elegance and style to each event.

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